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Social Media Advertising

Once your brand’s social media pages are set up and optimized, all that’s left is making sure people see it. In order to attract relevant and quality followers, iSparkative enlists targeted social media advertising. Supplementing your brand’s professional and engaging social networking pages with online advertising increases views and followers to those accounts, which in turn translates into traffic and sales for your business.


  • Customized Facebook and LinkedIn advertising for your brand that directs new users to your social media pages.
  • Hyper-targeted ads that can be adapted for and directed at specific geographic and demographic groups.
  • Attention-grabbing graphics and copy that attract new users and customers to your brand.
  • Custom ads that can be updated to reference holidays, local news or other relevant happenings.
  • Analytic monitoring that measures success rates and cost-per-click in order to create social media advertising that is as efficient and effective as possible.


  • Increases brand exposure and overall social media presence of your business through branded graphics and message..
  • Acquires relevant and quality followers for your social media pages that fit your consumer demographics, with the intention that they become future customers..
  • Reaches a large-scale audience with minimal effort and overhead on the part of the business owner..
  • Demonstrates to future customers that your brand is professional, noteworthy and current..

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