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SEO Consultation

SEO Consultation

  • Do you have an online strategy?
  • How does your online strategy integrate with your overall business strategy?
  • Do you know what type and form of search engine marketing is suitable for your business ?

Our SEO consulting services are tailored to provide you with an indepth audit of your web presence in a simple to understand language. If you would like to :

  • Optimise your website by yourself and want to get quick results.
  • Analyse the competitive landscape and come up with strategies to emerge on top.
  • Understand whether there are any pitfalls in the site design and learn how to fine tune the site structure and make it search engine friendly.
  • Gain an insight into the keywords which drive profitability.
  • Understand how to develop relevant links which enhance the credibility of your website

Let our SEO Consultant experts guide you. Call us now to book your phone consultation.
Join other businesses that have used our consulting service to climb search engine rankings.
Our SEO Consultants take the technical jargon out and explain things to you in easy to understand terms. The recommendations we provide are based on an audit of your website and the outcomes you would like to achieve.

Two 45 minute sessions:

Your website is audited and analysed for performance on key metrics. You will receive a customised report in easy to understand language. The second session is scheduled after 2 weeks. This makes assimilating information easier and a chance to implement some of the suggestions. We will answer your queries and challenges in getting the desired outcomes. Schedule your SEO Consultation now.

30 minutes with expert:

This is a quick fix consultation session. Site is reviewed during the call. This is also recommended for businesses that are looking at creating a new website / re-doing their website. It can cover some easy to implement things that can save you from making expensive mistakes. Schedule your SEO Consultation now.

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