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How We Work

iSparkative optimise your website with the objective of increasing your website’s traffic that will, in turn, increase your online sales and reveniew. Our SEO experience will enable you to strategically improve your search engine placement. We use comprehensice, innovative and ethical SEO techniques so you can stay ahead of your competition.

Our SEO Service Encompasses

  • Search Engine Submission
  • Monitoring Results
  • Regular Rank Reporting
  • Maintenance of Ranking

Search Engine Rankings:

Our strategic search engine submission service involves identifying country, subject or area specific Search Engines and Directories to maximise business returns and increase online traffic.’ We submit the site manually on all identified resources.

Monitoring The Results

After the submission is over, we monitor the visits of search engines to the submitted site. Regular observation and study of the various Search Engines’ visits and crawling is important for the analysis of site indexing and ranking in different Search Engines.

Regular Rank Reporting Systems

Normally it takes 60-90 days to rank the sites after submission. It may take longer to get the desired result due to the huge data base. We will send periodic ranking reports so you can track the ranking of your website for selected keywords.

SEO Ranking Maintenance

Our team of SEO experts proactively monitors your website rankings and makes changes as required. This may become necessary due to changes in search engine algorithms. In case the website slips down due to changes in search engine algorithms or due to heavy competition, we get the rank back within 15 – 30 days. Inspection and maintenance of the search engine ranking is part of our search engine optimization practice.

Choose from our range of packages, or speak to our SEO consultants about which package best meets your marketing strategy and budget.

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