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See why iSparkative is leading the industry in logo design, complete with a comparison with how we hold up to the competition.

  • Original, custom logos you can afford, with no hidden fees. See our packages.
  • A fast, convenient, and proven design process.
  • Professional designers in-house and freelance.
  • Easy access to customer service – accessible online or via telephone.
  • Bypass the graphic design agency, and go straight to the source of great design.
  • Honest satisfied guarantee policy.
  • Unlimited revisions for all but one of our packages.
  • Finished artwork delivered in multiple formats.
  • We’ll design brochures, websites, and more with your logo.
  • You have nothing to lose. We guarantee your satisfaction.

Read the information from below for an in-depth understanding on how we excel above our competitors

1: Our professional designers create original, custom logos which you can afford, with no hidden fees.

Simply choose the design package that fits your needs, starting the project with only $39. Your original concepts will be custom-designed for you by professional designers, based on the information which you will provide. The design package which you select clearly states what you will get and how much you need to pay.

Others: Many online design companies bait your agreement by claiming the project is free or only $99, they charge extra fees later or deliver clipart. Another trick way is to advertise “unlimited revision” features, but in fact the unlimited revision only applies to their most expensive package.

2: We offer a fast, convenient, and superior design process to ensure an excellent design without hassle.

Learn about our simple process of logo design which will create a design for you within a week. You can make decisions online at any your convenient time. Meanwhile, Please feel free to contact us to make sure that your project is designed according to your specifications.

Others: Most design companies expect that you can have multiple meetings with them to discuss the project, or they entirely ignore your existence. Ad agencies will ask you to schedule meetings at their convenient time rather than yours. Or, you could make cooperate with a faceless entity or a company that uses pre-made designs. It will be frustrating because you could not contact them when you have problems.During the process of logo design, you’ll only get a designer to work for you,but in iSparkative, we will have several designers to offer you multiple designs.

3: We have professional in-house designers and freelances to ensure we do not limit our creativity and accessibility.

We have over 12 in-house designers and even more freelances. That means we have enough designers who are available to take part in design projects at any time. So if one of our designers cannot work for you for some special reasons, we stilll have other designers who can complete your project on time with good quality.

Others: Some design companies are limited to a small in-house design team, or do not have any freelances. If they cannot afford a large team in both areas, they would limit their design creativity and flexibility . This is a good hint to tell you that their budget is too limited to obtain the best designers and good design.

4: Bypass the design agency, and go straight to the source of great design.

Bypass the costly process of a design agency, and go straight to the source of great design.

5: We are carrying an honest satisfied guaranteed policy.

We offer a guarantee policy of your satisfaction to protect the interests of our clients. This policy includes the instruction of refund. If you are not satisfied with the design, you can get your money back

(note: minus a $39 administration fee).

Others: Other companies would promise 110% satisfaction guarantee., and break their promises by extra service fee . otherwise, they won’t give your money back. But iSparkative will give you unlimited revisions without any hidden fee, and all these you can see from all the packages excepts the silver package.

6: We offer unlimited revisions for all packages except the silver one.

We offer unlimited revisions for all projects with reasonable price except you choose Silver packages.

Others: Other companies boost their unlimited revisions policy, but in most cases they only offer unlimited revisions in one or two of their most expensive packages.

7: We deliver the finished artwork in multiple formats to meet your different requirements.

After you approve the final design, we’ll provide it for you in the major formats that you may need for usages ranging from business card to billboard.

Others: Some companies will just provide only one format for your design by download after they finish your project. So before you choose the company, you need to make sure that the design company will provide the art design in several print formats to meet your usages.

8: We can design brochures, websites and more to go with the design you need.

As a design company, we’re not limited to design logos. We have designers who also specialize in website design, stationery design, promotional products and more. We will send you the final design in all major formats (eps, jpg, tif, etc.). Therefore, you can use your design anywhere.

Others: Most of other companies have the limitation in the work of design because they don’t have the enough skills, experience, or resources to finish other items. Then, you have to spread your design work out to other companies, this is inconvenient for you because you need to undertake the risk of working with a new designer. And in most cases, you will not be satisfied with the final result. Therefore, please choose iSparkative to cooperate with you again when you like the work which iSparkative provides.

9: You have nothing to lose. We guarantee your 100% satisfaction.

We promise that we will do our best to create a design which you’ ll love. But if the designs are worked out incorrectly for some special reasons, you can cancel the project and don’t need to pay anything beyond your initial payment.

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